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by Automotive Employment on March 19, 2010

If you are considering automotive employment options in Australia, you should contact us now.   With numerous years’ experience in several retail dealerships (both prestige and mainstream brands), we can offer you a real-world understanding of your automotive employment needs.   As a recruitment business owner, our Automotive Associate Director David Evans provides first-class Customer Service, both before and after placement.

Some of the benefits to you of dealing with David Evans are:

Professional & Personal Service
Because David owns this automotive recruitment business, he is not an account manager. So whether you are a prospective employee or prospective employer, David provides you with a higher level of service and decisiveness to create and maximise opportunities for you.

Industry Experience & Understanding
David gives you the value of his extensive first-hand experience in the retail motor industry. Because of his experience and success working in dealerships, he has a first-hand understanding of employers' and employees' needs in automotive recruitment, as well as a successful history of exceeding the needs of both employees and dealership management.

Connections to Better People
The automotive industry is a people business. David is connected to many influential and successful people in the industry which puts him in an ideal position to place the best employees with the best employers. With his convenient personal access to many of the influential people in the industry, David may present you, either as an employer or employee, with opportunities that you didn't even know existed. For dealerships, he may find you top performing salespeople who have never had to answer a job advertisement. For sales or service professionals, he may get you access to managers whose dealerships are such attractive employers that they don't need to advertise vacancies. These opportunities are unknown to many other automotive recruiters. By assessing your needs individually, David helps you to find the optimum employment solution.

Advantageous Advice for Your Career
Are you missing out on impartial but valuable information that could be helping your career? Do you ever get the feeling that there are better options available to you in your automotive career? Are you concerned about making the right career decisions for maximum benefit? David's industry experience, professional network and access to resources are likely to give you a better quality of career advice and help you get the best career opportunities.

Unique Opportunities
Companies who are desperate will advertise everywhere and hope to employ anyone and accordingly, they pay for someone who meets the minimum requirements . They'll get 100 resumes to interview 20 people, to put on three to sink or swim, and sack two within three months. David's dealership clients tend to be higher-end employers, who confide in David the specifics of who they want. They may interview two people to employ the one that they want, and will pay to get! Which is the more valuable role? Which one would YOU like?

The Good Oil
Which dealerships provide training, support, strong management, good communication and have low staff turnover?  David knows.  Don’t waste precious months or years of your career getting jobs with low-paying dealerships who provide minimal support and training, and refuse to invest in stock, marketing, facilities etc. to help you.  Accelerate your career success with the right information.

Contact David Evans
Some of Australia’s most successful motor industry business leaders and top achievers have this number stored in their mobile.  Put it in YOUR mobile phone and call David Evans for automotive employment now:

Mobile: 0414 833 227

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