Automotive Recruitment – How to Decide

by Automotive Employment on March 29, 2010

When you are questioning which is the best overall auto recruiter agency to register with for getting the optimum recommendations, there are some things that people who want the best jobs, conditions, pay, etc, should consider.

Let’s look before we leap and make a list of those important attributes for automotive recruiting.

1. Check for size

The initial attribute you may want to make a note of in an automotive recruitment business is size.  To increase  the chances of being appointed to a role with what you expect in terms of conditions, pay, recognition and benefits, you must prioritise an auto recruiter firm that is small enough to care about you, instead of under-selling you.

2. Are they good at sales?

When deciding on auto recruiter organisations, the second item to check is the ability to sell.  The recruiters absolutely must promote you to employers with an effective sales experience.  If they are poor at sales, they will take all the other short cuts when mentioning you to an incompatible employer.

3. Do they provide personalised service?

The next check-list item that we should question is a personal, dedicated recruitment manager.  If your next job is dependent on numerous recruitment advisors in the one corporation, it’s safe to expect that some great opportunities for you are being missed.  You deserve just one recruitment manager who has respect for your strengths and is compellingly committed to securing the optimum job recommendations.

4. Substantial Automotive Industry Expertise

Our next item that you’re recommended to look for is a recruitment manager’s knowledge.  Today’s motor industry and its intrinsic networks can be demandingly difficult and you risk harm to your progress if you aren’t receiving specialist supervision.

5. Widespread Motor Industry Connections

The fifth attribute is to observe whether your professional auto recruiter has plentiful connections within the car industry.  More personal connections creates better career opportunities.

6. Better than Average Protection of Information of a Confidential Nature

Number six on our list of things to consider the appropriate use of confidential information.  It would cast an unprofessional shadow if your recruiting agent’s workspace has other job applications with personal details within sight.  This unprofessional ignorance of people’s confidential information could cause harm to candidates, including you, like diminished career opportunities, premature disquiet with your current employer, and perhaps worst of all, burglary.  You should not ever jeopardise your privacy with automotive recruitment people who won’t act appropriately with private information.

7. Ability to Access Unadvertised Opportunities

The seventh item for assessing is the recruiter’s accessibility to the best jobs that aren’t widely disclosed.  This consideration is most likely realised provided the recruitment agent is meeting the preceding six characteristics.  Ticking all seven boxes indicates that your motor recruitment specialist’s doing a good job and getting candidates better opportunities with improved pay, better employers, and/or superior career opportunities.

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