How Can We Solve Your Automotive Recruitment Problems?

by Automotive Employment on April 22, 2011

We speak with many General Managers and Sales Managers before they become clients and they all report similar challenges.

They have:

  1. Squandered thousands of dollars every time they advertise for staff on advertising with no guarantee of getting quality applications.
  2. Wasted hours sorting through dozens and dozens of job applications to create a short list of candidates to interview.
  3. Lost time and attention by candidates not showing up for the interview.
  4. Contaminated their sales team with salespeople who bring bad habits from their previous bad dealership.
  5. Had their time, money and effort ravaged by a new employee who consumes resources without producing results.
  6. Endured frustration because they didn’t have anyone capable to delegate the bulk of this advertising, screening and recruiting work to.
  7. Been forced into lowering their standards because they’ve never been presented with a better option.
  8. Suffered losses in sales, gross, CSI, team morale, time, and effort.
  9. Been forced into a position of desperation where they are manipulated by circumstances into hiring more poor performers, further diluting their team and their results.
  10. Suffered exponential losses by having to repeat this process over and over.

- How many potential deals have you lost due to you spending a large amount of time interviewing potential employees?

So how do we overcome these frustrations and challenges?

If you are an effective manager who knows the benefits of delegating time-consuming but necessary tasks (like recruiting), we can provide the following solutions:

  1. We will take care of all the advertising and sourcing of candidates.
  2. We will sort through all the resumes, phone screen and interview the candidates.
  3. We create the short list of candidates, only then to present to you the most suitable candidate, minimising the time you spend interviewing.
  4. We take care of the reference checks.
  5. We will keep in contact with both parties after employment has commenced, allowing any possible concerns to be addressed promptly.

How much time and money do you think you would save by using our service?

To discuss this in more detail, please contact us.

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