Finding the right Automotive Recruitment Person

by Automotive Employment on February 15, 2010

As automotive service job seekers are questioning which automotive recruiter agency to seek out to get the appropriate recommendations, there are some criteria you can insist on.

We should explore those focal criteria for automotive recruiters.

1. Keep it small.

The first quality to make a note of in an auto recruitment agency is size.  To maximise the likelihood of starting in a position along with at least what you expect in conditions, pay, recognition and benefits, you must deal with an automotive recruitment organisation that is a compact enough business to see you as a person, rather than under-selling you.

2. Can they ‘sell’ you to an employer?

When you are grading auto recruiter firms, the second trait is sales skills.  The recruiters really must demonstrate a powerful ability in sales.  If the recruiters are too lazy or ignorant to negotiate a good package for you, they will let you go ridiculously cheaply to the first employer they find.

3. One, responsible, accountable automotive recruiter.

The next characteristic you should look for is one specific person to manage your account.  If your career progression is divided between many staff in the one firm, it’s safe to realise that your ideal employer is passing you by.  What’s demanded for success is your own personal recruiter who has respect for your skills and is personally responsible for sourcing the ideal automotive jobs.

4. Substantial Industry Expertise

Another important feature that you are advised to look for is a recruitment agent’s automotive industry experience.  The automotive industry and its connections are remarkably difficult and you risk harm to your career development if you aren’t getting experienced advice.

5. Advantageous Motor Industry Networks and Connections

Our fifth characteristic is to determine if your account manager has good connections in the automotive industry.  Abundant personal links creates superior career opportunities.

6. Good Defence of Confidentiality

Item number six for consideration is the ability to keep confidences.  It would indicate some serious flaws if the recruitment specialists’ workspace has any other résumés with applicants’ personal info on display.  This unprofessional ignorance of privacy law, privacy principles and policies could cause applicants, including you, to suffer mislaid career offers, potential uneasiness with your current employer, and perhaps worst of all, identity theft (the fastest growing crime).  You don’t need this.  Do not expose your personal info to danger with motor industry personnel companies who won’t pass the first test on how to use your private information.

7. Above-average access to the Top Interviews

Our seventh attribute is the recruitment specialists’ ability to access unique opportunities.  This consideration is usually met if the recruiter’s already surpassing the previous six items.  Scoring seven out of seven indicates that the recruiting professional’s probably placing many job seekers successfully and getting job aspirants better opportunities with better remuneration, better dealer employers and much better levels of opportunity.

Now that you have the criteria for assessing your automotive recruitment help, try them on us!

Good luck with your career progression!

Accelerate Your Career Success Finding the right Automotive Recruitment Person

Accelerate Your Career Success with the right Automotive Recruitment!

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