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by Automotive Employment on February 21, 2010

If auto sales job seekers are speculating which is the right auto recruitment business to speak with for getting the right job opportunities, there are various criteria that people who want the best jobs, conditions, pay, etc, should insist on.

Let us examine the critical criteria for automotive recruiting.

1. Smaller companies can move faster.

The opening feature to prioritise in an auto recruiter firm is size.  To maximise the opportunities of attaining a new position along with your deserved conditions, pay, recognition and benefits, you must prioritise an automotive recruiter company that is small-scale enough to care about you, rather than throwing you to any old employer to get you off their books.

2. Your success depends on their sales skills

When considering auto recruitment businesses, the second trait  is sales expertise.  They should have a cultivated sales experience.  If they don’t know how to sell, they will probably sell you for too low a ‘price’ to a below-average employer.

3. Make sure you are getting personal service.

Our third quality that we scope out is one to one service.  If your job search is assigned across four people in the one office, it’s safe to realise that molasses moves faster than your opportunities.    What’s needed is a personal professional automotive recruiter who has a personal regard for what you can offer an employer and is fully dedicated to creating the right career opportunities.

4. Extensive Car Industry Awareness and Experience

A fourth consideration you would be well-advised to seek is a recruitment manager’s industry expertise.  The auto industry and its connections are wearingly complex and you will hamper your chance to advance if you’re not being mentored with expert direction.

5. Substantial Car Industry Relationships

Our fifth characteristic is to ensure that your account manager knows many key people within the automotive industry.  Abundant connections leads to better choices for you.

6. Excellent Regard for Confidential Information

Another consideration is confidentiality skills.  For example, it would be cause for concern if your recruiter’s workspace has a pile of employment applications with details within sight.  Such casual indifference toward the dangers of leaking confidential information could cause untold harm to applicants, including you, e.g., limited job opportunities, potential uneasiness with your current employer, and perhaps worst of all, stalking or identity theft.  Your best move? Don’t deal with motor industry recruitment agents who can’t act correctly with people’s personal information.

7. Accessibility to the Top Interviews

Characteristic number seven is the recruiting professional’s access to the best opportunities.  This access usually comes about as a result of excelling in the preceding six criteria.  Ticking all seven boxes indicates that the motor recruitment professional’s probably placing many job seekers successfully and getting job candidates like you better offers with improved pay, better conditions, and superior career opportunities.

Armed with these selection criteria, we are sure that you’ll make a better choice of Automotive Recruiter.

Good luck with your automotive sales career!

 Get the Right Automotive Recruiter

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