How to Plan for Job Success

by Automotive Employment on May 22, 2010

Job Success – How do I Get The Right Job?

One of the first things that we see with people who really want job success is that they have had one or more jobs where they were not happy/successful.  They’ve experienced that enough to know that they do not want it again and are prepared to take action to ensure that they are satisfied in their next job.

What is job success?

The great thing about job success is that it is open to interpretation and for each person it really depends on that persons values, priorities, experiences, mindset and some other criteria.  For someone who has had an aggressive, overbearing boss who stifled their work responsibilities and productivities, thie current definition of job success could be working with an encouraging and supportive boss who let’s them flourish at work.

It’s important to notice, too, that our definitions of job success are likely to change as we change, so what we define as job success today is unlikely to be the exact same definition in five years’ time.

What Do You Want?

Just like any goal setting process, you have a greater chance of success if you are very clear about what you want (and perhaps what you don’t want).  The focus should be on what you want, but knowing what you don’t want will also be very handy so that you are aware enough to avoid work environments that you have clearly identified do not benefit you and you can steer clear of them.

Your Boss

I’ve lost count of how many HR surveys I have read that say that the No. 1 reason people leave a job is the boss.  In starting the search for your next job, make a list of the qualities you like in a boss (perhaps even thinking of the best bosses you have worked with).  If need be, also make a list of what is unacceptable to you in a boss.  Examine this list and assess how much of it is you (if your bosses are always ‘nagging you to keep working’ then maybe you have the problem, not the bosses!).  Honesty with yourself here is paramount.

If,  however you have had manipulative bosses who take the credit for everyone else’s work, then in an interview if the boss talks about his/her achievements and mentions nothing of the team’s achievements, then you do not want that job!


Before you answer any advertisements and start going for interviews, decide calmly how far and by what method it is acceptable for you to travel to work.  For example, for nearly three years I had a two-hour drive each way, every day to work.  I will never do that again, and so from about ten years ago, any job more than a 40 minute drive from home, I did not even apply for.

There may also be a particular place you’d like to work.  I found that I got on well with clients in particular areas of Sydney and so I preferred to work in those areas.  You may take into account the PMA, accessibility to public transport, noisiness or quietness of the location (proximity to railway or freeway noise), etc.


Another thing to consider and clarify in your own mind is the type, volume and level of responsibility you want in a job.  Do you like increasing your responsibilities over time or do you prefer to just stay the same?

Work Environment

Depending on the type of work, do you need a particular environment to work well?  For particular jobs, do you need an air-conditioned office?  In a workshop, do you prefer cleanliness and good organisation?  Do you prefer space to work in or do you work better in a confined environment.  Depending on the type of job, your experiences and how you work best, there are a few things to consider here.

These are some of  the important first steps to securing job success.  You should consider them and make a few notes before you contact your Automotive Recruiter.

By taking the time to consider and identify the answers to these, you increase your chances of finding the best job for your skills and a workplace that will give you the best opportunities.

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Automotive Recruiters How to Plan for Job Success

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