Why Good Automotive Recruitment is Necessary

by Automotive Employment on March 23, 2010

When auto sales job candidates are investigating which is the ideal automotive recruiter firm to register with for securing the most desirable jobs, there are particular things that smart candidates will consider.

Let’s pause for a minute to go into the crucial qualities for automotive recruiters.

1. Good things come in small packages.

One initial criterion you should put on your list in an automotive recruiter agency is size.  To boost your chances of successfully applying for a role with the right working conditions, pay, benefits and recognition, you need to contact an automotive recruiting company that is a compact enough business to take time to understand your full value to an employer, instead of swamping you with bureaucracy.

2. “Everyone lives by selling something.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

If you are considering automotive recruiter organisations, the next item to check is an expertise is sales.  The recruiters should possess an effective sales experience.  If the recruiters cannot sell, they will probably lose precious opportunities for you and dump you to a dealership.

3. The ideal number of people to take responsibility: One.

The third check-list item that common sense says we should watch for is personalised service.  If your career management is thinned out between numerous auto recruiters in the one organisation, it’s natural to rest assured that not a lot of work is being done on your behalf.  You need only one auto recruiter who has a good understanding of what you want to achieve and is committed to building the best, most timely information on job suggestions.

4. Plenty of Motor Industry Knowledge and Experience

The next consideration that you are advised to look for is your recruitment manager’s automotive industry experience.  As you may be aware, the motor industry and its connections can be notably challenging and you risk harm to your job opportunities if you’re not being mentored with focused and knowledgeable recommendations.

5. Good Auto Industry Connections

Our next vital item is to ascertain whether your recruitment agent is connected to the right people throughout the motor industry.  Abundant personal links leads to higher quality jobs for you.

6. Good Defence of Personal Privacy

The next important attribute is the ability to keep private information confidential.  It would indicate some serious flaws if the recruiting agent’s workspace has other job applications with personal details clearly visible.  This brazen behaviour and ignorance of confidential and private information could cause significant inconvenience, e.g., lost career offers, your current employer discovering your intentions prematurely and maybe even worse, robbery or identity theft.  Skip the hassle.  Do not go any further with auto recruiters who cannot  protect your privacy.

7. Can Find You the Most Desirable Interviews

The seventh item for assessing is the recruitment agent’s access to jobs that aren’t widely advertised or circulated.  This access is usually met if the recruiter has succeeded in surpassing the preceding six items.  Meeting all these criteria indicates that the recruitment agent’s doing well for his/her applicants and getting job candidates like you better offers with higher salaries and commissions, better conditions, and/or superior career opportunities.

We invite you to assess us against these criteria and, even better, find you the right opportunities.

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Automotive Recruiters1 Why Good Automotive Recruitment is Necessary

Good Automotive Recruitment create Better Opportunities for You!

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