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by Automotive Employment on September 22, 2010

I am frequently asked  by automotive salespeople  for direction and advice on their career growth.   To answer their request, I usually sit with them and we grab a notepad and pen and summarise their sales career up to the present day.

For me, the terrifying part of this is what happens next.  When we have summarised these salespeople’s careers in writing, more frequently than not, they have not invested in any career development whatsoever.  Most of these salespeople have been in the motor industry at least three years and during that time they have not been to a single sales training session, have not read a single sales book and have not joined any industry organisations (like Auto Professionals Australia) to help them with their career growth.

Even though they have been frenetically busy selling cars, for their entire sales career they have been standing still in terms of their development (or even worse, walking backwards).  One day they wake up and feel that they are being left behind (which they are!) and suddenly they want to to run a 100m sprint in world record breaking time.   With such unrealistic expectations, they have sabotaged their own career success and set themselves up to be annoyed and frustrated.

Avoiding this situation is possible, however it involves a re-focusing of mindset and priorities.  Salespeople who want to advance in their careers must accumulate valuable, relevant knowledge, not just inert knowledge of facts and figures and relationships, etc. but active knowledge which becomes marketable skill.

If you are reading this article, odds are that you are in one of these two categories:

1. You know the situation described above and are already avoiding it by systematically developing your professional value with sales training, reading good sales books and/or having professional association membership.  You’re probably even smiling and nodding as you read this because you already know this secret to career growth and have taken action to give yourself massive advantage in the industry.

2. You are reading this and have just discovered this secret, have an uncomfortable feeling in your tummy and need to catch up!

Automotive Industry Recruitment is a very competitive business and even though some automotive recruiters are prepared to promote ANY applicants to ANY employers, we are different.  We choose to promote the BEST applicants to the BEST employers.  One of the best things about this is that the BEST employers are in such high demand, that they don’t have to employ anyone but the BEST salespeople.  The BEST salespeople are also in such high demand that they don’t want to work for anyone else but the BEST employers.

As a salesperson, you need to be in this group of the BEST, so that you get access to the BEST opportunities.  You must ensure that you are not one of the under-performing, under-developed crowd.  You must distance yourself from the average (or sub-average) salespeople who are lazy and shun responsibility for their own learning and professional growth.

Don’t worry.  Even if you have never done this before, the perfect time to start is NOW.   Create a plan and stick to it to continue to grow your professional sales knowledge and skills.  Even if you have no money set aside for this, visit your local public library and for free, read one sales book per month.  Make a list of the sales books you read and make some summary notes on what you learn from every book.   This list is powerful for you to review your knowledge but even more powerful to show one of the BEST employers in an interview to PROVE that you are one of the BEST, not an average or sub-average salesperson who expects the employer to do everything for you.

If you want to go to the next level, invest in a few sales training courses every year and join a Professional Salesperson’s Association.

These will increase the PROOF to the BEST employers that you are one of the BEST salespeople or potential Sales Managers.  By doing this, you maximise your market value in a competitive market, you become more successful and skillful in your job and you become one of the BEST applicants for opportunities that you previously didn’t know existed.

Talk with us now about your sales career development!

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