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by Automotive Employment on February 26, 2010

One question that we receive remarkably often is: “Is car sales the best job in sales?”  Sometimes we are asked this by salespeople looking for a new role in a new industry for them – the car industry.  Sometimes we are asked the question rhetorically by successful car salespeople!

So thinking about that question and the proven answers to it, I have summarised why a job in car sales may well be the best sales job going:

1. Great People: The first thing to consider as to why car sales may be the best sales job is that car sales offers an incredibly social job.  Some sales jobs you may go hours, days or even weeks without little or no human contact, but in car sales, you get the opportunity to meet many new different, interesting and engaging  people every day, many times a day.

2. No income limit:  A car sales is almost universally commission-based (if it’s not, don’t take it without talking to us first!).  In the clearest, most concise and accurate employer feedback we have ever seen, you get paid on your results!  The better your results, the better your pay cheque.  If you are selling in a good dealership, then the commission can help this be one of the best sales jobs around!

3. The Cars: One of the most obvious benefits of a car sales job is that you are working with new automotive design and technology. Every day, you get to drive a phenomenal range of fantastic cars. In many dealerships, too, you are provided with a company car.

4. Great Return on Investment: To begin in a car sales job requires only a tiny financial investment.  If you have invested as much as a few thousand dollars in preparing yourself and securing the sales job you are after,  it is likely that you’ll earn this this investment back several times over in your first month or two.  Your employer takes the financial risks, and you get a substantial percentage of the rewards for every completed sale.  The most successful car sales professionals we have seen keep this investment view of things throughout their sales careers.

5. Fun: Car sales represents a huge amount of fun.  From track days driving the latest sports models to off-road adventures to test the latest 4WDs to meeting exciting and interesting people to friendly competitions with your colleagues, every day in cars sales gives you humour and fun.

6. Opportunities to Help people: Besides meeting a huge number of people in car sales, every day you have the opportunity and responsibility to help them with what. for many, is the second biggest financial decisions they make (after their house).  Many of the successful salespeople we have worked with have come into car sales very well equipped for this opportunity from their previous experience in other customer service backgrounds such as the  hospitality industry, real estate,  retail sales, and even emergency services like ambulance and police officers.

7.  Daily challenge: Each day in car sales is different.  The industry is so dynamic that as you master each challenge in your job, another challenge unfolds waiting for you to discover it.

8. Great Variety: In car sales you are constantly learning new concepts and skills and you’re meeting more new people.  You’ll get to work outside your dealership, visiting customers iat work or at home, and working at Motor Shows and other events.  The  range of cars you sell will be continually improved and developed to meet new needs in the market.

9. Life Skills:  The multitude of skills you’ll learn in car sales are completely portable.  You can take and use those skills in almost any are of your life.

10. Opportunities for Growth: Since there is so much to learn and the industry is constantly changing, you are constantly presented with opportunities to grow in your career:  opportunities to grow your experience, skills,  knowledge,  income, and your sales career.

11. Extra Rewards: There are also many opportunities for your success in car sales to be rewarded and recognised.  In addition to the commission you earn from sales, most dealerships will also pay you performance-based bonuses, incentives and prizes.  Most car manufacturers provide additional incentives for salespeople, which may include extra prizes like household goods, electronics equipment, shopping gift vouchers and holidays.

12. Opportunity to Invest in Yourself:  Sales not only provides you with many opportunities to invest in yourself, but may also give you relatively quick and significant returns on your investment.  As well as utilising every assistance provided by their employer, successful salespeople invest their own money in themselves: more education and training, more books to read, better client follow-up resources, better clothing for work, etc.  All of these have a cumulative effect on increasing their income.

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Best Sales Job Best Sales Job

Car Sales is possibly the Best Sales Job going!

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