How to Choose an Automotive Recruiter

by Automotive Employment on March 1, 2010

As the time approaches when you are wondering which is the right automotive recruiter firm to make contact with in order to achieve the right recommendations, there are definite things that people who want the best jobs, conditions, pay, etc, should require.

Let’s look before we leap and take a good look at those important characteristics for auto recruiters.

1. “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?” – Yoda

One first feature you can add to your list in an automotive recruiting organisation is it’s size.  To raise the likelihood of being appointed to a role coupled with the best possible pay, conditions, recognition and benefits, you need to prioritise an automotive recruiting corporation that is a compact enough business to easily perceive your value to an employer, instead of swamping you with bureaucracy.

2. Can they ‘sell’ you to an employer?

When thinking about auto recruiter organisations, the next attribute  is a strong sales ability. They must promote you to dealerships with a strong array of sales skills.  If the recruiters don’t understand how sales would help them get you a better package, they are likely to give away all the negotiating power to the first employer they find.

3. One, responsible, accountable automotive recruiter.

Our third thing that we should search for is your own personal recruitment manager.  If your job search is managed by four people in the one firm, it’s sensible to believe that you are missing out on great opportunities.  What’s needed is a personally dedicated recruiter who has respect for what you can offer an employer and is individually motivated to creating the most advantageous job recommendations.

4. Superior Industry Knowledge

The next attribute that you must check for is a recruiter’s automotive industry experience.  Today’s motor industry and its intrinsic networks can be exhaustingly elaborate and you weaken your career evolution if you have no knowing support.

5. Strong Automotive Business Networks and Connections

Our next vital item is to notice if your recruiter has abundant connections to the industry.  More connections invite more confidential choices for you.

6. Excellent Protection of Personal Details

Another recommendation is confidentiality skills.  As an example, you should be worried if your recruiting agent’s office has a pile of employment applications with candidates’ personal information  clearly visible.  This unashamed detachment from confidential and private information could cause harm to candidates, including you, like reduced career opportunities, potential anxiety with your current employer, and maybe even worse, identity theft or stalking.  This has other implications but the bottom line is: do not risk it with automotive recruitment agents who cannot  value your personal details.

7. Ability to Access Unadvertised Positions

Characteristic number seven is the recruitment manager’s access to jobs that aren’t widely advertised or circulated.  This ability is usually met if the recruitment manager is already surpassing the preceding six qualities.  Getting all these qualities right indicates that the recruitment manager’s doing well for his/her applicants and securing candidates better choice of offers with greater pay cheques, better conditions, and much better levels of opportunity.

With this check list, you are now unlikely to be fooled into going to an automotive recruitment company who can’t get you the right opportunities.

We are confident that we can exceed your expectations so make contact!

Good Automotive Recruitment Makes A World of Difference How to Choose an Automotive Recruiter

Professional Automotive Recruitment Creates More Opportunities for You!

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