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by Automotive Employment on March 17, 2010

While job candidates are looking at which is the right automotive recruiting organisation to register with for the most beneficial positions, there are definite criteria you should have on your check list.

Let’s pause for a minute to pinpoint the significant qualities for auto recruiters.

1. “Excellence and size are fundamentally incompatible.” – Robert Townsend

One initial criterion you can note in an automotive recruiter organisation is size.  For you to increase  the chances of attaining a role coupled with your idyllic conditions, pay, benefits and recognition, you must deal with an automotive recruitment agency that is small-scale enough to easily perceive your value to an employer, rather than forgetting you even exist.

2. Do they know how to sell?

As you are considering automotive recruiting organisations, the next thing to seek is sales skills.  They ought to act as your agent with a cultivated sales ability.  If the recruiters cannot sell, they will probably sell you for too low a ‘price’ to an undesirable employer.

3. How good is their personal service?

Our third check-list item we should investigate is personal attention.  If your career progression is pared between two recruiters in the one firm, you can expect that some great opportunities for you are being wasted.  What’s required is a personally responsible recruiter who has a good understanding of what you want to achieve and is fully accountable for building the right job opportunities.

4. Plenty of Automotive Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our next item that you are advised to be mindful of is a recruiter’s knowledge.  This industry as well as the relationships within it are wearingly difficult and you could hamper your opportunities without expert guidance through the maze.

5. Strong Motor Industry Networks and Connections

The fifth item is to ask if your professional recruiter is connected to the right people to this industry.  Multiple personal connections leads to enhanced career opportunities for you.

6. Excellent Protection of Information that is Confidential

Number six on our list of things to consider confidentiality skills.  It would cast an unprofessional shadow if your recruitment agent’s office has other job applications with personal details within sight.  Such casual indifference toward the risks of breaching confidentiality could cause untold harm to applicants, including you, e.g., limited career opportunities, loss of face with your current employer, and, even more severely, stalking or identity theft.  You have no need for a lazy, careless recruiter.  Do not gamble your privacy with auto recruitment agents who won’t pass the first test on how to use your private information.

7. Accessibility to Unique Jobs

Our seventh attribute is the recruitment agent’s access to the best opportunities.  This accessibility is likely to be automatic as a result of excelling in the preceding six characteristics.  Meeting all these criteria indicates that the recruiting agent’s performing well for candidates and unearthing for job seekers better offers with top salaries and commissions, better dealerships to work for and superior career opportunities.

There are extraordinary opportunities in the motor industry for the right salespeople with the right contacts.  To get youreslf more of these opportunities, add us to your contact list and make contact now.

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