Get a Bigger Slice of Pie with Good Auto Recruitment

by Automotive Employment on March 9, 2010

As job seekers are unsure of which is the right auto recruiter firm to seek out for getting the most beneficial advice, there are some criteria a smart applicant should seek out.

Let’s take a few minutes to pinpoint those ideal characteristics for automotive recruiting.

1. Smaller companies tend to operate more quickly.

The initial attribute you may want to take heed of in an automotive recruitment firm is size.  For you to improve the likelihood of getting a position with industry-leading work environment, remuneration, benefits and respect, you should deal with an auto recruitment corporation that is small enough so they care about negotiating terms on your behalf, instead of throwing you to any old employer to get you off their books.

2. What are their sales skills like?

If you are thinking about auto recruitment firms, the second quality is sales expertise.  They should demonstrate a professional ability in sales.  If recruiters are poor at sales, they are likely to sell you short to any employer.

3. Are you being served?  Personally?

Our next item that we should look for is one to one service.  If your career happiness is cut between three account managers in the one business, it’s sensible to expect that your opportunities are being squandered.  You must have just one professional auto recruiter who fully appreciates your aims and is compellingly committed to cultivating the most favourable automotive roles.

4. Ample Car Industry Knowledge

Another important feature that you’d be best to investigate is a recruitment agent’s automotive industry experience.  The industry as well as the relationships within it are confrontingly tricky at times and you could hamper your opportunities if you aren’t getting specialist advice to get you safely around the common pitfalls.

5. Strong Industry Relationships

The fifth item is to check that your recruiter is connected to many people to the automotive industry.  More business connections creates greater job opportunities.

6. Superior Appreciation for Personal Details

Another consideration is the professional skill of keeping private information in a confidential manner.  For example, it would be cause for concern if the recruitment agent’s desk has a stack of job applications with any applicants’ details within sight.  This blatant disrespect for confidential and private information could cause harm to candidates, including you, like mislaid job opportunities, potential anxiety with your current employer, and maybe even worse, identity theft or stalking.  The lesson here is do not risk it with auto recruiters who are unable to act professionally with confidential information.

7. Ability to Access Unadvertised Jobs

Our final consideration today is your recruitment manager’s ability to get the jobs no one else can.  This ability is likely to be automatic if the recruiter has succeeded in excelling in the previous six items.  Meeting all these criteria means that your recruiter’s probably placing many job seekers successfully and uncovering for job applicants better choices with privileged salaries and commissions, better employers, and/or superior career opportunities.

We are sure that you’ll be pleased with how we stack up against these criteria.

If you are a salesperson looking for a bigger or better (or both!) pie, then contact us for Automotive Recruitment Services

 Get a Bigger Slice of Pie with Good Auto Recruitment

Get a Bigger Slice of Pie with the right Automotive Recruitment Company!

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