Select the Right Automotive Recruiter

by Automotive Employment on April 9, 2010

When automotive service job seekers are questioning which automotive recruiter to speak to for getting the most effective opportunities, there are a number of things you can consider.

We should go into those significant attributes for automotive recruitment.

1. Super size is not super.

One primary quality to add to your list in an automotive recruiter agency or agencies is size.  To raise the probability of getting a job with your sought-after working conditions, pay, benefits and recognition, you should go through an adept automotive recruiter that is small enough to easily perceive your value to an employer, instead of losing you in the system.

2. Sales Power

As you are deciding on automotive recruiting businesses, the number two trait is an expertise in sales.  They ought to promote you to dealerships with an exceptional array of sales skills.  If recruiters don’t understand how sales would help them get you a better package, they are likely to lose precious opportunities for you and dump you to below-average employers.

3. The buck stops here!

Our next characteristic we should scope out is an accessible, dedicated recruitment manager.  If your career opportunities are sliced up between numerous recruiters in the one business, it’s clear that your ideal job is not just around the corner.  You deserve just one automotive recruiter who understands your aims and is personally charged with cultivating the optimum job suggestions.

4. Considerable Motor Industry Awareness and Experience

Fourthly, the quality you’re recommended to seek is your recruitment manager’s knowledge.  This industry as well as the networks within it can be remarkably multifaceted and you will hamper your chance of success if you don’t have expert supervision.

5. Superior Car Industry Contacts

Suggestion number five is to ensure that your account manager is connected to many people across the industry.  Abundant personal links creates enhanced career opportunities for you.

6. Excellent Appreciation for Information of a Confidential Nature

The next important attribute is the ability to keep private information private.  For example, it would be cause for concern if your recruiting agent’s workspace has any other job applications with personal details on display.  This brazen nonchalance toward people’s confidential information could cause significant inconvenience, e.g., mislaid job offers, potential uneasiness with your current employer, and, even more severely, identity theft (the fastest growing crime).  This has other implications but the bottom line is: do not take another step with auto recruitment agencies who won’t manage candidates’ personal information with professional confidentiality.

7. Accessibility to the Most Desirable Positions

Our seventh attribute is your motor recruitment specialist’s ease of access to the best jobs that usually aren’t advertised publicly.  This accessibility is usually met provided the recruitment agent is excelling in the previous six criteria.  Ticking all seven boxes means that the recruitment manager’s doing a good job and securing job applicants better choices with enhanced salaries and commissions, more rewarding conditions, and superior career opportunities.

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 Select the Right Automotive Recruiter

Select the Right Automotive Recruiter

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